who’s side are you on?

I don’t know if the Church has ever been more political than it is today.  I’m sure that’s been said before, and I’d be willing to bet it will be said again.  Secret societies of conservative Christians meeting before the meeting to determine a plan of attack.  Underground groups of liberal Christians playing the waiting game so their agenda can gain momentum and bull rush the gathering.  Name calling.  Shouting matches.  Trying to outnumber those that are “so far off base” so their opinions get voted down.   It is increasingly more difficult to dicipher between a church meeting and a city hall meeting.  In but not of the world?  Hardly.

It seems our issues and opinions have become our gods, so is it any wonder the chasm is getting wider and wider?  Some of us would even go so far as to say we were called to stand on one side of the fence or the other on the very same issue.  When faced with such facts, naturally, we have to question the other side’s motives.  “If God called me to stand so firmly on this side, God couldn’t have possibly called you to stand so firmly in an exactly opposite position,” we think.

But a church without dissenting opinions is a church that fails to use the brains God gave them.  So how do we balance our ability to disagree and our desire to be on the ‘winning’ side of every argument?    How do we move beyond our sibling rivalry with our brothers and sisters in Christ?  That’s what we’ll try to explore through these posts.  As much as possible, this will attempt to be an objective look at how we might more effectively learn from the attitude of so many in the Bible, but so clearly articulated by John the Baptist when he was asked about his relationship with Jesus:  “He must become greater, I must become less.”


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