where’s the encouragement?

      As I read through the New Testament, one very important aspect seems lacking in our church today.  The New Testament church seems to have understood that they were God’s people TOGETHER and it was with each other they were called to a higher standard.  Maybe it’s the American Dream infesting the church today, but it seems the modern body of Christ is completely content with moving in its own direction, even if that involves the amputation of the other parts of the body.  Why are we so quick to dismiss our brothers and sisters in Christ?  Is it so we can move ourselves closer to the head of the table?

     I had to read Romans 14 more than once.  Not even in the wildest stretch of my imagination could I equate todays church with a group of servants, all with equal status in the master’s eyes.  Too many have fought too hard to make sure that is not how we understand the church.  What if the church was once again a place of encouragement?  What if we were able to look beyond one another’s weaknesses and instead praise each other for what God can and will do through us?  What if, in Christ and through the church, we were all given the opportunity to be exactly who God created us to be?  But then again, all that would do is open the door for more “sinners” to come in and taint our image.


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