used cars don’t sell themselves

There’s a reason used car salesmen have the reputation they have.  More than one person has been manipulated to believe the car they are buying is as reliable as the salesman convinced them it was, only to find out they were duped into a raw deal.  Not all used car salesmen are tricking people into buying bad cars, some actually care about selling a quality product.  But there really is an art to what the used bad car salesman is doing.  It takes skill to persuade someone to purchase something you know is not worth the hype.

Unfortunately, it seems many attempts at evangelism in the Christian faith are not so far off from the tactics practiced by used bad car salesmen.  When we cheapen the way we share our faith, we inadvertently cheapen the faith we intended to share.  Jesus never begged or pleaded, he simply said, “Let those with ears, hear.”  Should we be so selfish as to think that our attempts at evangelism can be quantified and counted toward us as some reward, or should we attempt to faithfully share the bread we’ve been given with our fellow beggars and trust that it will be God working inside them that moves them to eat?


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