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It is a very special thing to belong to a congregation in which questions can be freely asked and discussed without judgement and condemnation.  It is a special thing to belong to a community where doubts may be freely expressed and explored without fear that someone will condescendingly offer their understanding as the only possible explanation.  It’s a very special thing to attend a church that encourages a personal journey of faith;  your developement as a part of the collective body of believers.

Unfortunately, more churches tend to override the movement of the Holy Spirit to ensure a common understanding of God, Scripture and all things spiritual.  Of course a church needs to provide some guidance as to what table we’re eating from, otherwise Christianity would have no definition.  But if we take our proper seat at the end of the table, we must take our faith a step further and allow for the possibility that the host of the party might speak truth into the ears of those invited to the head of the table.

We are so quick to point out that Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” and we use this quote as proof that our understanding is accurate.  If we truly believe that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, we should be constantly reshaping and molding our understanding to be more like Christ’s.  When we let our understanding become like hard, dried clay, we hold Jesus as less the standard and begin to lift up our own immature ways.  We have to find ways to let Christ be the head of the Church and we’ve got to find ways to allow all the parts of the body to develop into everything God created them to be.


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