the disgusting church

Words that should never find themselves so close: the disgusting church.  And yet they do.  As I talk to people about their church experience, I’m finding more and more people who are utterly disgusted, and unfortunately I’m there myself.  Many of those I talk to are disgusted for different reasons, but regardless of their issue, their attitudes seem the same.  From church politics to personalities, the church has become “just another organization.”  What sets the church apart?  I mean really, whats different between the church and the United Way?  We all know what should set us apart is Jesus Christ, but we can’t even agree on what Jesus said and meant.  Why would anyone consciously choose to be a part of this?  Why do we continue to put ourselves through the stomach-churning hour on Sunday mornings?

Because we have hope for what can be.  For what should be.  We long for the day that church will be better.  The day when my understanding needs your understanding (and vice versa) in order for us to come to a more complete picture.  The day when the living Word speaks to our hearts untainted by human lips.  The day when our attempt to embody the Word is saturated with humbleness to the point that human error is overlooked and effort is what we see in one another.  The day when we actually trust the Spirit to guide our church in a direction that God wants us to go, rather than following the fake winds of politics.  The day that issues are treated as issues and not elevated to becoming idols. 

Is the church disgusting?  To many, unfortunately it is.  But only because our focus has been wrestled away from the God that sets this organization apart.  It’s time to refocus.  When our eyes are fixed upon Jesus, everything else is in the periphery.


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