hate the sin, love the sinner…

It’s become a catchphrase in the church, especially among groups condemning a certain lifestyle or point of view: “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”  To me, it begs the question, are sinners really feeling loved by the church?  Because from where I stand it seems that the catchphrase would be more accurate if we said “Hate the sin and keep that filthy excuse for a human being away from me.”

Hate the sin, love the sinner.  I wonder where that phrase began?  I wonder if it shouldn’t be used more as a plea from us, than a guideline for us.  Maybe if we recognize our position in the equation as the sinner, we might not throw it around so thoughtlessly in judgement of everyone else.

Jesus had a knack for acceptance of all people, regardless of the messiness of their mistakes or choices.  Jesus was able to look past the sin and see the person.  In doing so, Jesus doesn’t condone sin, but he does help the sinner see themselves as something more…and in the process shows them love that they may never feel anywhere else.


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