separating yourself

I often wonder if anyone in Hitler’s Nazi Army ever stepped back and reassessed the situation if WWII might have been different.  I wonder if members of the KKK or street gangs ever put some distance between themselves and their organization, if they might see how warped life has become.  But then I wonder if church people don’t also need to separate themselves from time to time and look at life with fresh eyes.

It is no secret that churches are not immune to the selfishness, pride and arrogance that infiltrate all of humanity; the church is, afterall, made up of people.  But when selfishness, pride and arrogance find a way to wrap themselves in the disguise of “doing God’s will,” the church is no better off than any of the other warped organizations mentioned earlier.

The church is a collection of sinners, but we have the uncanny ability to forget that fact.  We have an unnatural ability to lift ourselves up as God’s people and point the finger at all “those sinners” out there in the world.  We love being around people like us.  Even more, we like to be around people like us that justify our sinfulness.

Sometimes we need to step back, “be still and realize that God is God.”  When we find ourselves truly in God’s presence, our sinfulness is to much for even us to bear.  When we are alone before God, the secret agendas with which we’ve been malipulating others suddenly become void.

Step back.  Rest in God’s presence.  Contemplate the words of the prayer you’ve prayed before:  Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.


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