remaining silent

I’d never understood what it felt like to be in the minority.  When I heard stories of the Civil Rights Movement, I couldn’t understand why it was so hard for people to speak up for their convictions.  How hard could it be to take a stand and give others permission to follow your lead?

It’s extremely hard I’ve found.  Going against the majority is threatening.  When a church is intolerant of diverse opinions, you dare not share a different perspective without the expectation of being ostracised.  No, you won’t be publicly humiliated, just drug through the mud when you’re not around.  So you can decide: honestly offer your understanding as one more dimension to be considered and risk being cut off from the fellowship, or simply remain silent (and blog!).

I trust that there are churches out there that would be appalled at this behavior.  Churches that don’t operate in a social structure learned in middle school where the “in” crowd can speak freely and everyone else must learn to agree or keep quiet.  I imagine Jesus would encourage open discussion, laying all interpretations on the table to be sifted through and reconstructed.  I imagine Jesus would remind us that his death and resurrection was for all who believe, majority and minority alike.


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