weighing our desires

God’s will is such a hard thing to discern at times.  Other times it couldn’t be simpler.  For example, it is pretty easy to discern that God’s will is probably not that you should get addicted to drugs, kill your neighbor or run naked across a busy highway in the height of rushhour.  Some things we just know is not God’s plan for us.  But other things are more difficult such as which job or college to choose, what to do with our money, or how to spend our time.

Many of us that pray for discernment, start a tough decision with a prayer like this: “God, I have a tough situation and I want to know your will.  I want you to be glorified in this situation, so push my will aside and show me what you want me to do.”  After a prayer like this, we try to look as objectively as possible at the situation, leaving our own selfish desires behind.  Usually then, we go on to do what we desired in the first place.


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