discerning through frustration

I seem to be perpetually frustrated.  As I read back through my previous posts, I sound like the type of person I would not want to be around.  I hope I am not this way and that my frustration is only spilled throughout this blog because it is an outlet…a place where I can complain and no one will tell me to keep quiet or view things differently or judge me.  So I’m journaling my thoughts, but not in a private way.  I’m journaling to the public.  Though nobody may ever read these words, it almost seems like I want them to.  So, who am I spouting this frustration to?  Who do I hope stumbles across these words?

I think it is me.  I think subconsciously I know that I need to see them.  I need to see my emotion spelled out on the screen, staring me back in the face.  Though I’m still trying to decide what it all means, at least I am one step closer by understanding that it means something.  I’m very goal oriented, and it seems I’ve become stale because the goals I set for myself 10 years ago are in my rearview mirror.  It’s time for some new goals.  New milestones to inspire me.  New attitudes to help me emerge from the frustration with new life.


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